Now online: Early Italian Comedy in International Perspective, and Where Can I Find Italian Silent Cinema?

Two of my articles can now be found online at my website: ‘All the Same or Strategies of Difference: Early Italian Comedy in International Perspective’, in: Giorgio Bertellini ed., Italian Silent Cinema. A Reader (New Barnet: John Libbey, 2013), pp. 171-184, and ‘Where Can I Find Italian Silent Cinema?’, in: Giorgio Bertellini ed., Italian Silent Cinema. A Reader (New Barnet: John Libbey, 2013), pp. 317-323. The first article, a reworked version of an earlier article, goes into the characterizations of and differences between a few typical comedians of early Italian cinema (Cretinetti, Polidor, Kri-Kri and Robinet), but also delves into the differences between slapstick and situational comedy (such as the Morano-Rodolfi comedies by Ambrosio), into (self-)reflexivity in Italian silent comedy, and into cross-national convergences and divergences, comparing Italian silent comedy with French and American counterparts (e.g. at Pathé, Gaumont and Vitagraph.  The second article gives a state of the art of the availability of Italian silent cinema either online, on disk (DVD etc.), or within the various film archives in and outside of Italy. It marks the growing international access online, even if much is still out of reach or can only be consulted ‘in situ’. The article well matches Luca Mazzei’s article in the same volume on the availability of paper sources. My online articles can also be found on

The online offer of my two articles perfectly matches EYE’s generous recent upload to its YouTube channel, From the Collection of EYE, of a large share of Italian silent comedy, mostly but note exclusively from the Desmet Collection. Such as Robinet, chauffeur miope (Ambrosio 1914), starring Marcel Fabre/ Marcel Pérez/Dandy:

~ by Ivo Blom on January 10, 2020.

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