New Master’s students: welcome!

First of all, let me tell you I am very happy we have such an internationally mixed Master’s year this year. Students come from various Eastern European countries, but also from Latin America and Asia. As of next September 2011, we will welcome a new group of students at our Master’s specializations Design Cultures and Intermedialities in Media and Art, part of our Master Comparative Arts and Media Studies. I direct the second specialization myself. Basically, anyone who reads this blog: foreign students, EU and non EU, can still apply until April 1th, so be quick! Rates are much lower than in Britain or the US and you might even make a good chance to apply for a university grant. Amsterdam is a fascinating, cross-cultural city and our students are well inserted into the culture all over town. To mention just one thing coming up: Spring 2012 the new EYE (Filmmuseum) building will open; this will be quite an event.

Soon our website will be updated again and on Saturday March 19th we’ll have a Master’s information day at our university. By the way, Dutch students have some extra time to decide, until June 1th. Concerning the programme: next year, we will continue our extensive courses Reading Concepts of Intermediality, run by prof. Ginette Verstraete, as well as Cross-Media Storytelling, which will be taught by my colleague Connie Veugen – who will become Dr. Veugen in a few months! Two quite theoretical courses which will run parallel in the Fall semester and which will give students a solid intellectual ‘crust’. In the Spring semester I will teach our course on Crossmedial Exhibitions again. The last two years we focused on The Art of Fashion by Museum Boijmans, Rotterdam, and Illusions of Reality at the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, which was also part of the the Life Like project. We had highly stimulating discussions and presentations with the professionals in the field, dealing with policy and finance, concept and curatorship, and marketing and press. I am sure that next year’s project will be as exciting. My own course The Art of Comparison which focused on cinema and art will shift to cinema and architecture. I’ll co-organize the course with our endowed professor Bert Hogenkamp, Head of Research at the Netherlands Institute of Sound & Vision in Hilversum, and prof. Koos Bosma, professor in Architecture at our Faculty. We will deal with three exciting and actual themes: the representation of the financial world (think L’Eclisse by Antonioni, American Madness by Capra, Wall Street, L’Argent etc.); the representation and re-use of bunkers of the Atlantikwall (think also of war newsreels, or postwar Trümmerfilme); and finally the planning and the representation of the cities of the dictators Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, both in their own time and after. With Koos Bosma, I already taught a course on Mussolini’s Rome last year, so we will rework and expand what we have done. We even might experiment with new apps and devices (application running). So all in all exciting prospects!

~ by Ivo Blom on March 14, 2011.

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