Speeching at Symposium Life Like

Friday 26th November I contributed to the interesting symposium Raw Truth/ De rauwe werkelijkheid of the Life Like/ Net Echt initiative, a joint venture in occasion of the exhibition Illusions of Reality at the Van Gogh Museum, in collaboration with photography museum Foam and Eye Filminstituut Nederland (Filmmuseum), which produced exhibitions and film retrospectives under the Life Like umbrella as well. I gave a speech on naturalism in film in which I explained that naturalism in film is a quite multilayered concept, not only referring to subject matter as in painting, but also to setting, acting style and determinism. I spoke at the morning session of this symposium, chaired by Raymond van den Boogaard (NRC); the other two speakers were the two co-curators of the exhibition Gabriel Weisberg (visible and audible through Skype) and Edwin Becker. In the afternoon the symposium focused on more contemporary aspects, such as the photography of Joan Fontcuberta and Jean François Rauzier, which intrigued me both. Before the symposium started I was asked to give a short statement for the camera. This was mixed with images of my speech at the symposium and a clip from La Terre (1922) by André Antoine. I had a flu coming up, so I wasn’t in the best of states. I was also not really prepared nor directed for the pre-symposium filming; still, I hope the message got through. On Sunday, January 2th, 2011, I’ll give a full lecture on naturalism and cinema at the Van Gogh Museum.

~ by Ivo Blom on November 30, 2010.

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