New publications online (4)

Envisioning the Flying Dutchman. Richard Wagner (Messter 1913)

Today I have uploaded three new publications, dealing with early film distribution; courtesy KINtop and Michel Marie/AFRHC.  Two publications deal with early film distribution in the Netherlands by Dutch film distributor Jean Desmet. The first article focuses on Desmet’s imports and rentals of films by the German production company Messter Film. The second deals with structural changes in film distribution during the 1910s,  as envisioned by Desmet’s film distribution, from importing complete film programmes from Germany to importing individual films when the long features came along, from Denmark and Germany in the first place. 

The third article deals with the presence of the French early multinational Pathé Frères in the Netherlands, as envisioned in the affairs between Pathé and Jean Desmet: during his travelling cinema years and afterwards, when he had become an important cinema owner and film distributor.

See also for the French article, and for KINtop.

Lutte pour la vie (Pathé 1907)

~ by Ivo Blom on March 9, 2010.

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  1. Je blog ziet er heel goed uit. Mooi die grote, oude filmbeelden.

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