Dutch Documentary and European Film Heritage online

Films or film fragments on the internet have become standard practice, thanks to YouTube and other fora. The quality of those films is not always high. If you wanted some more quality, there was already the Dutch site Het Geheugen van Nederland (The Memory of the Netherlands), which also has an interesting film section, containing many interesting Dutch documentaries from the holdings of the Netherlands Filmmuseum and Sound & Vision. These include documentaries by Joris Ivens such as De Brug/The Bridge (1928), by Herman van der Horst such as  ‘t Schot is te boord/Shoot the Nets (1951), and by Johan van der Keuken, such as Een film voor Lucebert/A Film for Lucebert (1967), De Tijdgeest (1968) and De Platte Jungle/The Flat Jungle (1978): www.geheugenvannederland.nl 

Today some of the European film archives such as the Netherlands Filmmuseum have joined forces and together with the French company Lobster Film they have put several silent and  sound films on the net, in pristine quality. The silent films are accompanied by new music composed and executed by artists such as Antonio Coppola. Films hitherto hidden in archives can be viewed now. Enjoy a boat tour through the Amsterdam Prinsengracht, Parisian fashion of the 1920s, and George Pal’s crazy puppet animation of the 1930s and the war years (see the wonderful and funny war propaganda filmTulips Shall Grow).  Other suggestions are a comedy with Annie Bos on the Zandvoort seaside,  Max Linder’s parody on the Three Musketeers (The Three Must-Get-Theres), Macedonian colourful folklore, a sensational Belgian drama involving a revenge and a windmill (Le Moulin Maudit), early Austrian erotic films, and even John Ford’s oldest western, starring Harry Carey (Bucking Broadway). The collection also includes the only Hungarian film surviving directed by Mihaly Kertesz, better known as Michael Curtiz: My Brother is Coming (1919). All the prints shown are well restored copies, showing the beauty of their early colour systems.  See www.europafilmtreasures.eu.

~ by Ivo Blom on November 30, 2009.

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