Grenzüberschreitende Licht-Spiele: Deutsch-Niederländische Filmbeziehungen 

Check out the new and very rich German volume Grenzüberschreitende Licht-Spiele. Deutsch-Niederländische Filmbeziehungen (Hamburg/ Munich: Cinegraph/ edition text + kritik, 2021). This is the result of the film historical conference accompanying the Cinefest 2020 manifestation Kino, Krieg und Tulpen. Deutsch-Niederländische Filmbeziehungen. I wrote the article ‘Panorama, Academia, Archiv: Deutsch-niederländische Filmbeziehungen’, on the themes of the Cinefest program and conference, on developments and changes in the historiography, and on three collections of Eye Filmmuseum as cases for change. This publication was my keynote at the conference. Thanks to Google Books you can read the table of contents, preface and my entire article right away. If you want to read more, please order the book at the publisher’s site. I was also co-curator of the Cinefest film program and contributor to the festival catalog. The catalog is still for sale with the same publisher or with the usual internet book sellers.

~ by Ivo Blom on February 3, 2022.

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