Online German and Dutch films (Cinefest 2020 extension)

Hurrah! Ich lebe! (Wilhelm Thiele, 1928), starring & staring Nicolas Koline

As of yesterday 20 May, and partly as of 27 May, a series of films and film programs within the framework of Cinefest 2020 ‘Kino, Krieg und Tulpen: Deutsch-niederländische Filmbeziehungen’ can be watched online for just a few euros, while two programs are entirely for free: Nah am Wasser – Filme aus Rotterdam, and Feuer, Schiffbruch und Folklore – Deutsche Stummfilme aus der Desmet-Sammlung.

There is something for everybody: the Dutch 1930s Jordaan comedy De Jantjes, Dutch actor Frits van Dongen in Die Reise nach Tilsit, a rare WWII German biopic of Rembrandt (shot in Dutch studios), a Dutch exploitation movie involving voyeurism (the recently restored Obsessions) starring German actor Dieter Geissler, who also coproduced the film, the European coproduction Charlotte by Frans Weisz, a documentary on the Filmverlag der Autoren (Gegenschuss – Aufbruch der Filmemacher), and the hilarious silent comedy Hurra! Ich lebe!, set and partly shot in the Netherlands.

Nah am Wasser shows Dutch documentaries on Rotterdam, both late silent ones by Andor von Barsy and Friedrich von Maydell, as well as Herman van der Horst’s 1952 Houen zo!, marking the post-war Reconstruction era. Feuer, Schiffbruch und Folklore contains shorts on prevention of nitrate fires, a comedy on a mail order husband service, and a dramatic feature starting in Spain (actually shot in Italy) but then evolving in Urk (actually shot in Volendam).

A large share of the film prints come from the Eye Filmmuseum, while others stem from German archives such as the Bundesarchiv. Music to the silent films is provided by Daan van den Hurk and Marie-Louise Bolte. For several programs or films we provided introductions, in German. The Dutch films have German or English subtitles. Permission to show these films online has been given only for a few days, so don’t miss it.

~ by Ivo Blom on May 21, 2021.

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