Magnum opus on the history of German documentary now online

Poster for Die Nibelungen, Part I. Siegfried (Fritz Lang, 1924). Collection EYE Filmmuseum.

The three-part volume Geschichte des dokumentarischen Films in Deutschland 1895-1945 (Reclam Verlag, 2005), edited by Kay Hoffmann a.o., can now be consulted online on the site of the University of Marburg. It will also be available on the digital platforms and Part 1 of the volume, edited by Martin Loiperdinger and Uli Jung, includes my article on espionage and propaganda in the Netherlands during the First World War: Exkurs: Spionage und Propaganda im Ersten Weltkrieg. Das Beispiel Niederlande. For the research for this article I owe a big thank you to Martin Loiperdinger. If you want to know what dragon slayer Siegfried has to do with a volume on documentary, please read my text. During WWI, German Intelligence predicted that Dutch audiences were rather susceptible to this kind of German imagery than to blunt nonfiction. Lang’s film would indeed be a huge Dutch success.

~ by Ivo Blom on September 10, 2020.

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