‘Dal vero’ in Cluj. New presentation & research coming up

Santa Lucia

On Saturday 26 October, I will give a paper on the picturesque in Italian early travel films or ‘dal vero’ and their pedigree and historiography, within a panel on the Italian non-fiction film and the picturesque together with Luca Mazzei and Sila Berruti, and this again within the framework of the conference THE PICTURESQUE: Visual Pleasure and Intermediality in-between Contemporary Cinema, Art and Digital Culture, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 25-25 October. Last Summer I was fortunate to finally find the time to watch most of the 61 films on the very rich and thorough DVD Grand Tour Italiano by Andrea Meneghelli for the Cineteca di Bologna as well as early travel films online on various archival and public sites, plus some additional DVDs. I was also able to read Jennifer Peterson’s article in the volume Uncharted Territory (1997) and parts of her monograph Education in the School of Dreams (2013), as well as articles from the special issue (2014) on Italian early nonfiction of the journal Immagine. All this helped, me to get a better grip on Italian early nonfiction, after my own earlier – at times also cited – articles in the 1990s, such as one in the volume A Nuova Luce. The presentation in Cluj builds on a duo presentation I did with Luca Mazzei last December at the workshop A Dive into the Collections of the EYE Filmmuseum, co-organised by myself with Elif Rongen and Céline Gailleurd, and undertaken within the framework of the Franco-Dutch-Italian research project Le cinéma muet italien à la croisée des arts, I am looking forward to the debate with my panel and attendants to the panel in Cluj. Eventually, my research on Italian early travel film will turn into an article, as part of my future monograph on Italian early cinema and its transmedial relationships with the arts and popular culture.

~ by Ivo Blom on October 21, 2019.

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