Roger Hanin (1925-2015)


This morning the man died whose back is visible in the permanent header on top of this blog. French actor and director Roger Hanin passed away. Since 1953, he appeared in more than 100 French and foreign films, often crime films playing tough guys. But he was best loved in France as TV Commissioner Navarro. In 1960 Hanin played in Luchino Visconti’s Rocco e i suoi fratelli (Rocco and His Brothers, 1960) the boxing impresario Morini, who first promotes Simone (Renato Salvatore) and looks at Simone and his brother Rocco (Alain Delon) while they are in the shower. When Simone, the eldest and the strongest but psychologically the most instabile brother,  has become an alcoholic wreck, Morini takes him home, defies him and they start a fight, while a television set shows a caroussel of masterpieces from the Italian Renaisance. Morini switches off the television and the darkness suggests sex, but we don’t see or hear anything. The scene was daring for its time and caused controversy. Soon after, Morini claims to Rocco and his brother Simone stole money. Rocco agrees to release Simone from his contract by paying up, signing a ten year contract for boxing matches. In vain, Ciro tries to hold him back. Looking at the wealthy interior you ask yourself whether Morini needs so much money. Yet, despite all of Simone’s despicable behaviour, Rocco considers family honour above all. He proves to Morini he agrees by ringing the boxing trainer Cerri to tell him of the agreement.

The picture above shows Hanin from left, while Ciro back left tries to withhold Rocco back right. Down, the reverse shot, Morini offering the phone to Rocco, defying him to keep his word.


~ by Ivo Blom on February 11, 2015.

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  1. Roger Hanin born in North Africa Roger Levy,and for the anecdote the stepbrother of President Francois Mitterand,was not only a very serious actor ,but also a less serious one(see “Le Gorille” serie)and a great French TV star.Stage actor and movie director as well,he defended his ideas of tolerance,social justice all his life.A great man,to be remember.

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