New academic season

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In just a few days the new academic season will start at my university. We have various niceties in store. The first generation of our new 2nd (and 3rd) year’s BA track Media starts in September with my own 2nd year’s course Film & Media History (September-October), an extended version of my former course in film history. On top of the six lectures plus film viewings, we will have response lectures, guest lectures by Connie Veugen (CGI and postmodern Hollywood) and Bert Hogenkamp (Dutch television documentary) and one excursion to the David Cronenberg exhibition at EYE. Considering innovation in education, we will work with concept maps to train historical knowledge.

McCall Eye

McCall at EYE


Desmet at EYE

In the Fall with the students from our master Comparative Arts and Media History, we will visit the subsequent Anthony McCall exhibition Solid Light Films (1971-2014) at EYE, which will be the first Dutch solo exhibit of this British artist. It will be intriguing material to compare with the Winter exhibit at EYE, Jean Desmet’s Dream Factory, which will show an innovative, dynamic and modern look at the Desmet Collection, part of Unesco’s Memory of the World Register.

The Desmet exhibition will be the exhibition in focus for our course Crossmedial Exhibitions (February-March 215) and will be food for thought for discussions on the museum of the 21th century. The master course The Cinematic City will continue with its focus on Amsterdam as site for fiction and nonfiction filming by Dutch and foreign filmmakers. And if you don’t know too much about Amsterdam and film, check this behind the scenes of the recent film The Fault in Our Stars, which has promoted Amsterdam, and in particular one bench, as the most romantic spot on earth.


The Fault in Our Stars

~ by Ivo Blom on August 24, 2014.

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