Crossmedial Exhibitions

P1100853P1100834P1100846opening Fischinger EYE 009

Last week we finished our Course in Crossmedial Exhibitions with a fruitful brainstorm session with the Van Gogh Museum on the Van Gogh-Munch exhibition in 2015, and its accompanying cultural programme. This was a kind of extra, an epilogue to this year’s course, dedicated to the Oskar Fischinger exhibition at the EYE Filmmuseum, which opened exactly a year ago now. Just like in previous years with the exhibitions The Art of Fashion, Illusions of Reality and the joint venture Life Like, and last year the new permanent exhibition Amsterdam DNA, this year we were warmly welcomed by the institution. We had three discussions in a row with the professionals involved in this exhibition, after a serious literature session on contemporary ideas and practices regarding museum and exhibition studies. We had one session with Sanne Baar, Claartje Opdam (both involved in the practical organisation of the exhibition) and Michiel de Rooij (policy & finance), a second session with the curator and Head of Exhibitions Jaap Guldemond, and finally a session with communication and p.r. staff members Marnix van Wijk and Inge Scheijde. All three sessions proved to be fruitful and enlighting, because of insights in logistics (the architecture as surplus but also as obstacle, the practical changes in the original architectural plans), the application of the central themes by the exhibition planners, the collaborations with artist and art institutions (like the Center for Visual Music), and the sometimes complicated relationships with local, national and international audiences, with the local and international press, and with users of social media. It was clear that EYE is a new institution which, since it opened in 2012, has been experimenting with exhibitions and exhibition design, with defining exhibition narratives and exhibition audiences. It is perhaps too early to give a clear judgment, but apart from practical problems to overcome, the exhibition space of EYE is a challenging enrichment and expansion of the Amsterdam cultural field. End of this week the new Johan van der Keuken exhibition opens, the first time one of the four themes of the exhibition policy – the collection – will be repeated. Looking forward to see this.


~ by Ivo Blom on March 28, 2013.

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