From Brighton to Bologna

As of this Monday I’ll be at the Twelfth International Domitor Conference, held at the University of Brighton in Brighton, UK. This edition is the largest Domitor conference to date. There was such an enormous amount of proposals that everybdy has no more than 15 minutes to talk. In my case that means a speed date with Lyda Borelli, star of the Italian silent cinema, and this within a panel on crossmedial relationships between a.o. theatre and cinema, chaired by Gwendolyn Waltz. I will myself chair a panel on the performative dimensions of early cinema, with papers by Wolfgang Fuhrmann, Kristina Köhler, Daniel Wiegand and Franziska Heller. The general theme of the conference is the relationship between performance and turn-of-the-century media technologies, such as the magic lantern, the phonograph, and motion pictures. A number of panels will be unrelated to the main theme, though, which is a first for a Domitor conference.
The week after I’ll be visiting the Cinema Ritrovato festival in Bologna. This year’s theme programmes are on Raoul Walsh, Jean Grémillon, films of 1912, color, Italian documentary, films reflecting the 1929 crisis, etc., while in the Piazza Maggiore we’ll enjoy restored versions of a.o. Prix de Beauté by Augusto Genina, starring the inimitable Louise Brooks, and Sergio Leone’s epic saga Once Upon a Time in America. A very appetiting programme, so for sure difficult which of the screening rooms to choose.

~ by Ivo Blom on June 16, 2012.

2 Responses to “From Brighton to Bologna”

  1. give my regards to the ghosts filmmakers past like Raoul Walsh, Jean Grémillon and of course Sergio and Louise that will undoubtedly be floating around the Bologna main square at nightfall… Could you bring me this year’s catalogue? thanx!

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