New EYE (Filmmuseum plus)




Within the context of my future course The Cinematic City (February-March 2012), today we visited the new EYE Filminstitute building, designed by Delugan Meissl Associated Architects. EYE, a fusion of the former Netherlands Filmmuseum plus some smaller Dutch organizations such as Holland Film promotion, did not fit in its present location anymore, situated in an adorable 19th century pavilion at the Amsterdam Vondelpark. The futurist building resembles a seagull landing and by its horizontality it contrasts with the vertical building nextdoors. The EYE building holds a vast atrium with a magnificent view over the IJ waterside. It will contain four auditoria, one for 300 seats, two of 120, and a small one of 80. There is also a huge exhibition space, a shop, an educational space, a restaurant and a few bars. The EYE building will open in April 2012, with an exhibition on found footage. Unfortunately today was not an excellent timing, with bad weather, heavy winds and the sun going down at five. Not opening in winter time seems a wise solution then.


~ by Ivo Blom on December 8, 2011.

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