Busy bee in the Fall: Italy, Norway, and the Netherlands

From 1 to 8 October I will be visiting the 30th edition of the Giornate del Cinema Muto in Pordenone, Italy. The programme looks tintillating and attractive, including a large section of Italian silent cinema. EYE (Filmmuseum) will also contribute with various films from the Desmet Collection, such as beautiful tinted copy of Padre (Itala 1912) with Ermete Zacconi. I wrote various entries on the Italian Desmet films for the catalogue and on Wednesday 5 October I will contribute to a Collegium session by Elif Rongen-Kaynakci on the recent recognition of the Desmet Collection as world heritage by Unesco. After the Giornate I will stay on a few days in Italy to view films in film archives in Italy for my new research project on Italian silent cinema: my first topic is the representation of artists (painters and sculptors) and their works.

In the mean time EYE organizes on 27 October an event around the Unesco recognition of the Desmet collection, which I unfortunately will have to miss, as I will be freezing in some fjord, probably. From 25 to 29 October, namely, I will be at the conference Media Acts in Trondheim, where I will contribute with a paper on mirrors in art and cinema. In addition to keynotes by speakers such as Jacques Rancière, this will also be a renewal of the intermedialities group we gathered in 2009 in Amsterdam at De Rode Hoed. All I know about Trondheim, though, is that in 1906 Dutch cameraman and future theatre and cinema owner Anton Nöggerath junior shot the coronation of king Haakon there.

On the 4th of November Elif and I will also organize one of the workshops at the AVA Fall conference at Sound & Vision (Beeld & Geluid) in Hilversum. We will talk about collections again. On 9 November then I will do a guest lecture in the course Séances of my colleague in art history Sven Lütticken. The lecture will be on art cinema organizations, criticism and cineclubs in the 1920s.

~ by Ivo Blom on September 22, 2011.

2 Responses to “Busy bee in the Fall: Italy, Norway, and the Netherlands”

  1. have fun in Pordenone/Sacile, but please remember to pack lots of sweaters as I have never been so cold in my life as when I visited a congress in Trondheim (AND THAT WAS IN SUMMER!)

    • O.k. I’ll prepare for Trondheim. Actually, it is high up in Norway and little sun there, so no wonder 😉 But first the Italian sun! On the other hand, one week of films in Pordenone and in addition 3 film archives in 7 work days, a lot of darkness as well…

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