Start of a new academic year

Today we had the Master’s introduction. We have a big number of foreign students this year, plus former premaster students, and students coming from our own bachelor or that of others. Looking forward to the start of the courses of next week: Reading Concepts of Intermediality, taught by Ginette Verstraete and Sven Lütticken, and Cross-media Storytelling (actually rather transmedial storytelling), taught by Connie Veugen. Both courses will create a solid theoretical basis. February-March I’ll be teaching two courses myself: The Cinematic City, on cinema exhibition in Amsterdam and film museums in Europe, with the new EYE building (arch. Delugan & Meissl) as central focus. I’ll be co-lecturing the course with Bert Hogenkamp (Head of Research at Sound & Vision and our endowed professor in our department) and Koos Bosma (professor in Architecture). The other course, Crossmedial Exhibitions will focus on the new permanent exhibition at the Amsterdam Museum and will be co-lectured with Bert Hogenkamp as well.  The new exhibition space is the result of the design by the famous design company Kossman de Jong, while exiting films in 10 languages (designed by Plus One) will connect the objects on view with the historical context. Let the new year begin!

~ by Ivo Blom on September 2, 2011.

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