Plans for next year

For next year’s Master’s programme, we will trade our former plan for the Art of Comparison: The Cinematic City course for a course that has the new EYE Film Institute at the heart of the course. This exciting new building will open in Spring 2012. For our course, we will do a cross-European comparison on filmmuseums on one hand, and research into Amsterdam as film exhibition place on the other hand. Attached is a short film by Filmmuseum/EYE from 2009. Dutch spoken, some information that is already outdated and of course a promotional message, but a nice overview of the existing locations and glimpses of the new building. The short shows the involvement of Filmmuseum in the education of the UvA university. VU University has strongs ties as well, for instance by our BA courses in film history and film analysis and by internships. Thanks to our Master’s education this bond will increase next year.

~ by Ivo Blom on May 21, 2011.

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