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Lyda Borelli in Rapsodia satanica

Today I uploaded a series of small articles on film restoration, written during my time as assistant-curator at the Netherlands Filmmuseum, plus two texts on two films with Italian diva Lyda Borelli: Malombra and Rapsodia satanica. The articles on film restoration include texts on the Dutch vaudeville comedy Bet, koningin van de Jordaan; the Hollandia documentary Limburg in beeld; the colourful documentary De Zaanstreek by Theo Güsten; an unknown Hollandia thriller comparable to Griffith’s last minute rescues; and an episode within the life of Dutch film distributor Jean Desmet, set during the First World War. Courtesy GBG/Vereniging Geschiedenis Beeld en Geluid. You can watch a b&w version of the film Limburg in beeld here: On Adriënne Solser and her Bet-films, see Annette Förster’s dissertation Histories of Fame and Failure (2005).

The two texts on Borelli appeared in the first Cinémémoire catalogue, the volume accompanying a wonderful event on cinema and music in Paris, organized by the late Christian Belaygue. Such a pity it only existed for a few years. I went to the 1st and 3rd edition and had an unforgettable time. Thank you, Christian.

Theo Güsten filming De Zaanstreek. Thanks to Egbert Barten.

~ by Ivo Blom on April 7, 2010.

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