Thesis award

Today my former student Lena Wilde won the Master Thesis Award of our Faculty of Arts. Lena Wilde wrote an intriguing thesis on the film musical Across the Universe (2007) by Julie Taymor in which she analyzed and theorized this film. Wilde not only applied the concepts of immediacy and hypermediacy from Bolter & Grusin’s Remediation, but, with the help of Altman’s The American Film Musical, she also indicated how digital technology has remediated the modern film musical. Analyzing the two dream scenes of ‘Strawberry fields forever’and ‘I want you/She’s so heavy’, she concluded that sound is leading the image and that we can recognize a transition from a realistically working transparency (immediacy) towards a modus that stresses the qualities of the medium itself. Instead of identification with the character(s), the film becomes a visual and audial spectacle. As the film often shifts between the two modes, the spectator is confused and amazed. 

~ by Ivo Blom on January 25, 2010.

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