film poster award


Every year during the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht, the Afficheprijs (Poster Award), is awarded to the best Dutch film poster. Whereas a jury makes a pre-selection of five posters, voters decide which of these wins the award, consisting of an original poster of the film Jonge Harten (1936), designed by Titus Leeser, and 2500 euro’s. This year’s nominees are Angst (design Sander Plug), De laatste dagen van Emma Blank (Alex van Warmerdam), Nothing Personal (Susanne Keilhack & Joost Hiensch), Oorlogswinter (Sara Simpson & Richie Burridge) and De Storm (Michael van Randeraat). In 2001 Brat Ljatifi won the first award for his poster of Iles flottantes.

~ by Ivo Blom on September 10, 2009.

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