New academic season

Tuschinski exterior The new academic season is starting.  Next Thursday, we’ll   take the Erasmus exchange students for a tour around the beautiful Tuschinski cinema, one of the few European movie palaces from the 1920s surviving.  I used to take my 3rd year students there, when I taught my course in historical cinema programming.  Friday, we’ll take the new master students along a tour including a visit to the Amsterdam City Archive, now housed in a beautiful deco building (a former bank, built by architect De Bazel.  As of Monday 31th of August, I’ll be lecturing the master course The Art of Comparison, on film and art, with the films of Italian filmmaker Luchino Visconti as case study. From Tuesday 1th of September on, I’ll also be lecturing my course Media History 2a, a course on film history but with ties to precinema, theater,  art and television.  Next to dvd viewings after the lectures, we’ll also have a one hour 35 mm viewing of shorts at one of the auditoria of the Netherlands Filmmuseum, which contains the interior of the former cinema Parisien, built by Jean Desmet in 1910. Finally, we’ll pay a visit to the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht (starting 23th of September). In short, an attractive start. The growing numbers of students are of course an attraction too: pre-applications for our BA more than doubled, while more and more foreign students are discovering our MA.De Bazel interiorFilmmuseum

~ by Ivo Blom on August 22, 2009.

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