Early Italian cinema

Il veleno delle parole (Celio 1913)

Today I posted two scans of older articles on early Italian cinema: ‘Take a Closer Look! Italian early cinema reconsidered’, which appeared in the journal Fotogenia in 1999 as the result of contribution to an international workshop entitled ‘A Nuova Luce’ (Bologna 1997). In 1999 a follow up ‘A Nuova Luce’ conference was held in Bologna, where I presented my paper ‘”Travelogues” italiani: un genere da riscoprire’. This was published in 2001, together with all the other conference papers. In both occasions I used the analysis of films from the Netherlands Filmmuseum holdings, in particular those from the Desmet Collection, in order to shed new light on early Italian cinema. See Publications.

Left: Francesca Bertini shot by a jealous husband because of gossip. Down left: an unidentified Ambrosio film on Venice. Down right; Bruto Castellani, the giant from Quo vadis,  acting as cinema manager in the comedy Una tragedia al cinematografo. Mark the Quo vadis poster in the back.

   Santa Lucia (unidentified Ambrosio film)Una tragedia al cinematografo (Cines 1913)

~ by Ivo Blom on August 4, 2009.

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