senso mantel villa

Last night, the Cannes festival showed the restored version of Visconti’s classic epic melodrama Senso (1954). I recall showing Visconti’s film in the ballroom of his parent’s home in Milan, at my conference Visconti & Visual Arts, in September 2006. That copy was then offered as the ‘restored version’. I do hope the sound in Cannes was better than in Milan, because that was dreadful then and I felt deeply ashamed. The images were gorgeous though; Rotunno’s colour restoration was excellently done. It had not been an easy job because of the threestrip Techncolor system used for the film. I am curious to know what the new restoration performed by the laboratory Immagine Ritrovata added; I do hope a perfect sound restoration. I also do hope we wil get to see this restored version of Senso at the next Cinema Ritrovato festival in Bologna, late June/early July.

~ by Ivo Blom on May 19, 2009.

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